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New release!

Wearther 1.1.0 is just released on the iTunes App Store!. Wearther now has female items, so no more excuses from the ladies for not using wearther ;)

This release also includes some UI improvement and bugfixes. Below is the more detailed release notes:

  • Female Items

Wearther optimizer also considered that female has less metabolic rate than male[1] in general. Therefore the clothing combinations will tend to be a little bit warmer compared to male's

  • Optimizer is tweaked to give better clothing combinations
  • Switched min and max temperature position
  • Fixed default unit not correctly loading for first time users
  • Improved loading screen and error screen
  • No more install screen for wearther webapp if the page is visited using Safari on an iPhone. Thanks to the new minimal-ui tag

We are also considering of opening our own wearther API (Application Programming Interface) for third party developers. If you are a developer, or know any developer that would be interested in using wearther service to develop custom product, click here to sign up. We'll let you know when the API is available as soon as possible

New Features!

Good news! We've implemented some new features on wearther!

  • Umbrella icon! It might not look exciting but this is a very useful feature that has been missing from wearther for quite some time. The icon will display if there is a chance of rain in the next few hours (depending on the duration settings)
  • Shop shop shop! We are very excited with this new feature. At the moment you are able to view listings for the following items:

    • cotton blazer
    • wool blazer
    • cotton shirt
    • cotton jeans
    • cotton chino
    • cotton sneakers
    • leather shoes

    We manually picked the items from various stores and brands which we hope you will enjoy. It was very labor-intensive work but we believe that it's worth the effort. Stay tuned for more clothing items!

Minor Update

A minor update on wearther (0.2.2) has been deployed today

  • Added favicons and removed irrelevant files from AppCache
  • It is now possible to switch clothing combinations by pressing left or right arrow key on your keyboard
  • Pressing escape button on your keyboard will hide options page if exists
  • Scrolling on options page is now smoother on iOS devices

Deployed wearther 0.2.0

New version of wearther (0.2.0) is now up and running with some new features including

  • Automatic default unit detection. Hooray! It will use default unit based on your current location (eg. in the US Fahrenheit and MPH will be used and in Australia, Celsius and KM/H)
  • Wind speed and temperature units can be set separately. You can use Fahrenheit for temperature and KM/H for wind speed if you wish
  • A Combination of arrow buttons on larger screens (ie. tablets and desktops). We received feedback that dragging the clothing combinations on larger screens was not very intuitive.
  • Options for the time duration spent outside. By default wearther takes The weighted average temperature for the next 6-12 hours (Long duration) before deciding what sort of clothing combinations to display. With Short duration now included as an alternative option, it will take the weighted average temperature for the next 2-3 hours to derive an optimal clothing combination. Perfect if you are only planning to go out for a short while
  • Reduced bandwidth usage by 50%
  • Minor UI changes (color, option back button, etc)

Let us know what you think! We still have plenty of other features that need to be implemented and we are very excited about it! :D